Document processing with deep learning –
complete capturing

Manual document processing is a major cost driver in organizations. Our deep learning technology automates complex document processing tasks to make back-offices more efficient.

Hypatos technology offers unique benefits

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Up to 90% cost saving

Unmatched process automation with leading deep learning technology for processing of semi-structured documents.

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More than data capturing

We combine document understanding technology with advanced document validations and AI-powered process automation (e.g., auto-accounting).

Machine learning - no rules & templates

Powerful machine learning technology is a superior alternative to conventional OCR solutions for document processing with immediate RoI.

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Many documents types

Our technology can understand many semi-structured document types. We also offer custom models for specific automation needs.

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Fast implementation

Our developer friendly components are quick and easy to implement on-prem and in the cloud with RESTful API and SDKs.

CPA = RPA + Deeplearning

Cognitive process automation (CPA) adds deep learning technology to rule based software robots to automate complex document processing tasks.

Custom-trained deep learning models

Our machine learning pipeline solution - Hypatos Studio - offers annotation software and a powerful machine learning engine for in-house use.

On-Premise or Cloud delivery

Our AI services in Cloud or On-Premise adhere to the highest security standards and are trusted by enterprise clients.

Use cases for Hypatos document processing AI

We offer deep learning solutions for many document processes. Pre-trained AI models and powerful machine learning pipeline software deliver quick impact on back-office efficiency.

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Accounts Payable

Accounts payable processing is one of the largest pain points in back-office operations in every organization. Hypatos offers solutions to automate capturing of invoice data, tax compliance validation and accounting.

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Expense Management

Travel expense management is not only a highly manual process, in most organizations it also carries significant compliance risks regarding fraud, VAT and payroll taxation. Hypatos AI offers unique automation options.

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Tax Compliance Check

Tax compliance is a top priority agenda item for complex, international organizations. In order to identify risks in real-time and identify historic compliance issues Hypatos offers light-weight deep learning tools.

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Loan Applications

Processing of loan applications requires expensive manual checks of applicant information. Hypatos offers automation solutions to automate checks of, e.g., payslips and bank statements of applicants.

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Financial, compliance and risk audits require extensive sampling of original documents. Most of these documents are semi-structured and can be automatically analyzed using Hypatos AI revolutionizing document auditing.

Tailored document automation solutions

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How Hypatos technology impacts organization

Boost RPA projects

Robots are a powerful automation tool when handling structured data. Most back-office tasks, however, deal with unstructured data. Hypatos provides cognitive skills for robots to understand documents.

Transform enterprises

Backoffice automation - addressing the last 10% - is top priority of enterprise CFOs to become lean and fast in shared service centers. Our AI seamlessly integrates with existing systems for fast ROI.

AI for software projects

Our components are built by developers for developers. Use AI technology to bring latest document processing automation to your clients. API integration is fast and secure with flexible licences.

How it works

Integrate Hypatos deep learning components and pipeline software in your applications and systems to increase automation with latest AI technology without having to rethink your systems from the ground up.

Put AI to work

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