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Hypatos is a multi-award winning technology startup from Berlin. Our team works around the globe in Machine Learning, operations and business development. Join our team and work with us to help organizations do better with state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology.

Our Values

Hypatos means being revolutionary, innovative and enthusiastic about technology. We are proud to work with the brightest, most spirited individuals in our team. Solving the most complicated problems with technology while focusing on real customer value with products that actually work.


We see responsibility as an incentive as well as an opportunity for our employees – our goal is to enhance our products but above all to ensure developing our team both professionally and personally.


We constantly challenge the status-quo and give our colleagues the freedom they need to be creative, progressive and innovative. We see that as the key to be successful as a technology company.


We are proud of our products and our team! We believe fully if you are passionate about your products and work, you achieve your goals – No matter how out of reach they might seem to you.

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